Summer, Petunias and Black and White Prints

This painting by Maryland artist Savita Gilbert, is brought to you by Inner Be Leaf™ in a stunning rendition of summer clothing.  Black and white prints never get old. No matter what the color of the season, black and white prints will disrupt this trend and find their way into clothing. Such is their power. Savita Gilbert throws in the delicateness of petunias into a black and white block to temper its starkness, add a summer flair, a crispness and beauty in simplicity. Petunias, are quintessentially summer flowers that keep blooming nonstop through the season. Streets of downtown areas are often lined with hanging petunia baskets, to lift spirits and add summer charm.

Inner Be Leaf's Black and White Petunia Collection™ is trendy, urban, appealing, intelligent, and tasteful. This line of clothing is for the “disrupter”. i.e., someone who can influence others by offering a sparkling, bright, point of view in stark contrast with washed up ways of thinking.  A great deal of thought process goes into our art prints before they are applied onto our line of clothing. Whether you are looking for an event dress or casual outfit, this line of clothing will deliver, and you can draw an effortless audience with statement clothing.