Inner Be Leaf featured in Shy Magazine during DC Fashion Week

   “There’s a flower for every personality, a season for every mood and a landscape for every vision”, says Savita Gilbert, Founder/Chief Designer of Inner Be Leaf™ a Washington DC-based company. Inner Be Leaf™ is a family-owned business, founded in 2020 by Savita Gilbert.

Inner Be Leaf encourages women to don nature inspired-clothing!

Designer and CEO Savita’s artistic journey began as a watercolor artist with a passion for dress designing. As an executive in a company, she felt stifled by some of the dull styles women were expected to show up in, and often felt that they didn't foster creativity or celebrate a person's uniqueness.  She decided to become the agent of change by founding a company that showcased a nature-inspired line of clothing. 

Each piece of Inner Be Leaf clothing is a result of forms of art compounding upon each other! 

In particular, with the arrival of the pandemic, Savita felt there was all the more need for artistic expression. Some Inner Be Leaf pieces are made from fashion fabric imprinted with her watercolor art. Other pieces include subtle elements of nature-inspired themes in the elegant and fluid lines of Inner Be Leaf clothing. In essence, forms of art compound upon each other. The resultant sartorial splendor, is quite evident on the Inner Be Leaf website. 

We are a proud Washington, D.C. brand! 

Inner Be Leaf clothing is proud of it’s founding in the nation’s capital; a city that influences the world, also a city with coveted flora and fauna, resplendent seasons, and captivating views. Many of these elements are reflected in Inner Be Leaf clothing which "capitalizes" on the beauty of the Nation's Capital.

We dress Influencer women! 

Inner Be Leaf™ showcases a sophisticated and stylish collection of dresswear for influencer women. We define an influencer woman as any woman who has a dream and acts upon it. We will get her dressed for her success! Our statement clothing supports the influencer lifestyle: cocktail dresses, red carpet looks, board room attire, stylish business suits, book-signing dresses, talk-show attire, stylish fitness and athleisurewear…. you name it, and so you can look good in person or virtually, on or off the stage.  Our mission is to get women dressed for success with natural style and flair! 

We have incredible testimonials from our customers and we are grateful to them! 

Most recently, Inner Be Leaf’s ready-to-wear collection was on display on the DC Fashion Week Runway  and New York Fashion Week runway at Sony Hall Times Square, New York City. Our clothing has also been featured profusely on social media and in the news. Our greatest testimonials are from our wearers: we have received rave reviews from CEO’s, entrepreneurs, media hosts, bestselling authors, attorneys, and artists who love how our outfits augment their own unique self-expression and “Inner Be Leaf”.

You can search our site by flora or fauna! 

The Inner Be Leaf ™ site is the only fashion site where you can also search for items by flora or fauna! Didn’t see your favorite flower? Send us a note on our site with your information and we’ll take care of you!  

What’s your Inner Be leaf?

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